Treeview - SelectedNodeChanged event never fired


I have a Treeview control on my master page, the treeview is bound to a sitemap.

<asp:TreeView ID="TreeView1" runat="server" DataSourceID="SiteMapDataSource1" NodeIndent="10" OnSelectedNodeChanged="TreeView1_SelectedNodeChanged" ShowCheckBoxes="All" AutoGenerateDataBindings="False">
      <asp:TreeNodeBinding DataMember="SiteMapNode" NavigateUrl="~/Default.aspx" NavigateUrlField="Url" Text="Title" TextField="Title" ToolTipField="Description" Value="Title"

But when I select a node in the view, the SelectedNodeChanged event isn't fired. The site just navigates to the new page.
ViewState is enabled.

Thanks for your help in advance.

  The TreeView can do either 1 of 2 things.  Navigate or postback.  If it navigates, then you simply load the next page regardless of what page it is (the same page or different).  If it posts back, then it fires events on the same page.  Since you have navigate urls, that implies you are navigating and you won't get postback events.

Hi Danny

Thanks for your reply. I've reached the same conclusion, after several of hours debugging my app and discusses with colleges :)
Shame we don't live in the same timezone, you could have safed me a lot of wasted time.
Thanks again


I've searched numerous pages about this issue, and this post seems to sum-up the consensus.

Surely a TreeView and web.sitemap is one of the most common approaches to Navigation in ASP.NET 2005 (notice that it's on the "Navigation" tab in the toolbar). So why are navigating and coding (postback) mutually exclusive?

I used to get around this oddity of not having a SelectedNodeChange event (before the RTM) using the Page.SaveStateComplete event like this:

If masterTreeView.SelectedValue <> "" Then
End If

And it worked okay; but now even that won't work. It's like MS is going out of their way to make things more difficult. All I want is the exact same functionality as the +/- signs, but without seeing the symbols (our designers decision, not mine), but you're saying this is impossible now?

Well, after a few hours and way more code than I would have liked, I have the previous functionality back again. I'm basically doing all the expand/collapse functionality on my own in the SaveStateComplete. If you don't want to use the +/- symbols, you're in trouble.


Surely a TreeView and web.sitemap is one of the most common approaches to Navigation in ASP.NET 2005 (notice that it's on the "Navigation" tab in the toolbar). So why are navigating and coding (postback) mutually exclusive?

Here's an example that might help explain this.  Lets say you have a TreeView on a page at:  And lets say you have another (or even an identically coded) TreeView on a page at:  Lets say the first TreeView has a node with a NavigateUrl=  If you are viewing the msn page and you click on the link to the page, would you expect that a SelectedNodeChanged event fires on the msn site?  the microsoft site?  neither? 

I think the obvious answer is neither.  There isn't any difference between this scenario and navigating to another page on the same site except that this is more clear (I think).  That is why navigation and postbacks are mutually exclusive.  Submitting a form and navigating to a new url are separate actions. 

If you think it should act a different way, I'd be happy to listen to your feedback.  Thanks.


Is there a way to make the treeview generate events knowingly instead of on postback?

Basically I want to use the treeview the way you do when you install Visual Studio 2005 (tri-state checkbox). I think the treeview lacks some flexibility. Is there a way to enable event firing programmatically.

I am using the TreeView in ASP .Net 2.0

I would like to be able to browse a document via the NavigateUrl on a treenode in a separate frame to the treeview, as specified by the Target="blah" on the node. I would then like to be able to indicate the currently selected node, which should be the node that was navigated/selected.

At the moment I can only indicate the parent of the node. When there are many children, I cannot indicated the currently navigated/selected node

What I don't understand is; Why can't the Select events fire if the target is specifying a different location(frame)  to the treeview (frame)?

Without this feature it seems impossible to indicate to the user which document is the currently navigated/selected node.



first, same level nodes must have different values to distinguish selected node. Else treeview shows parent node selected.

second, if you use navigate url treeview works in navigate mode and disables selection events. So you cannot determine the selected tree node.

To solve this you can try to populate tree node texts with javascript that populates some hidden field values at the target frame...

Extra information about treenode class :


Thanks so much for this post.  I spent several hours fighting this issue and was pretty close to giving up.  A real world example that worked!




Can you answer a simple question?  What event do I need to register to handle this?


virtual void SMI_CommandTest(Object sender, TreeNodeEventArgs e)


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