[RESOLVED] how to get friend list form orkut,facebook,hi5 using asp.net

if i Enter User Name & password (orkut,facebook,hi5)  then

how to get friend list form orkut,facebook,hi5  using asp.net

But here is not any sampel code

Dear Friend,

Check with the URL below:


This will help you to achieve what you are looking for.

Thanks and Regards,


please send a example


In my opinion, you can check the link babji.sunny@gmail provided. That article describes how to get friend list form facebook using asp.net.Please do it as follows:

Facebook.FacebookAPI api = new Facebook.FacebookAPI(token);
JSONObject me = api.Get("/" + fbConnect.UserID);
JSONObject friendsData = api.Get("/me/friends");
var data = friendsData.Dictionary["data"];
List<JSONObject> friendsList = data.Array.ToList<JSONOBJECT>();
ViewData["Name"] = me.Dictionary["name"].String;
 ViewData["Friends"] = friendsList;

How to get Online users of Facebook Account?

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