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I am not sure how to explain this but I will give this a try. Before, we had an app running on windows XP and all the reports were working fine. Now, the app is moved to windows 2008 server. There is one report in this app that uses Microsoft Interop.Excel which is used by component one. Apparently, interop.excel is not supported in windows 2008 with 64 bit running. After doing bunch of research, we have two options - either write this report again or execute this report from XP.

I want to try the second one. The interop.excel works fine in XP. A copy of this app is on this server. What would be the best way to execute this report from windows server 2008? It looks like i would have to connect to the XP server, get access to the app and finally the function that executes the report. Is this possible? 


Why not have a webservice running on the XP machine and use that to execute the report? 

So you are suggesting to call this method (housed in XP) via web service from windows 2008 server ,right? Since i don't have a working domain in XP, could i pass in the IP address to connect to the page inside this application.


I'd just host a webservice on the XP machine and use it's IP - to make the call to the webservice. You can do this from a scheduled task on the Server2008 box. As long as the XP machine is capable of hosting a website then it's completely doable.

See here for simple webservices: http://www.developerfusion.com/article/3114/building-xml-web-services-using-c-and-aspnet/3/

Sorry for the late response. This project was on hold, so i couldn't try it. After this came to us again, I did the same thing as you suggested, set up a web service call and the report worked. All i had to do on the XP machine was to disable all the other sites and make the one site i needed to run the report from the default website. That way, i could get into the site using the IP address. Thanks for guiding me in the right direction.

Thanks!! & sorry again for the late response.

No worries, i'm glad you got it sorted.



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