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 I am using visual basic web developer 2010 express.  I have downloaded aspnetflashvideo web control to my toolbox.  I then dragged it onto my web form and get the following 'Unrecognized tag prefix or device filter 'AspNetFlashVideo'.'  Is there something else I need to do when I added this control to my toolbox?



I then dragged it onto my web form and get the following 'Unrecognized tag prefix or device filter 'AspNetFlashVideo'


  Did you registered the Assemly ,  after the Page Directive..?

Suppose we are using MediaPlayerControl,

we register just like :

<%Register TagPrefix="cc1" Namespace="MediaPlayerControl" Assembly="Media_Player_Control" >

Check for the Namespace and Assembly and Register the tag prefix ,  if you have the sample source code,  check it out, you can find these codes in the top of the page..

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The assembly was registered automatically when I dragged the control onto the form.  Here is the code :


  <%@ Register Assembly="ASPNetFlashVideo.NET3" Namespace="ASPNetFlashVideo" TagPrefix="ASPNetFlashVideo" %>


The target framework is .net framework 4.0 it that makes a difference.


I am not sure about the dll....but if you want to display videos on your page....you can simply go for OBJECT Tag....


or else you can go for silverlight where videos can be played better....



Just a guess but I bet the assembly is not a .net 4 friendly assembly...


Try creating a .net 3.5 or even 2.0 application and drag it onto the page see if it works.

Check whether the assembly is friendly to the new 4.0 version....?

We have also searched this when we created the musical website as our project, but we used ASP.NET 3.5 framework...

We can't use OBJECT tag in an easy way, when playing videos.   Instead we can use MediaPlayerUserControl  for Playing videos as well as audios.

I am sure this will work because we have already used it...

  Check this link....


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Thanks for your reply.  I think that I will try using silverlight mediaplayer.  The question I have is I am using camstudio to create a screen cast.  The file formats are api and swf type.  Will silverlight media player support these types of files or do I need to convert to wmv or is there another alternative?  Thanks for your help while I am trying to learn. 


It's very nice to see people learning.  I am also learning..

Check this site...  I think it will be useful for you...


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