[RESOLVED] detailsview control validation

In vb.net web page i have textbox control , button control  and detailsview,when button is clicked textbox.text is searched in database and data is dispayed in a listbox  then the selectedvalue of the listbox is put in detailsview ,all this is fine but it dosen't work like that when I click the button the detailsview validated fields are red and nothing work until I fill the all datailsview's fields, so I want to know how to stop detailsview validations till I get the listbox selected value and put it in one of the detailsvalue's filed.

You can either set CausesValidation="false" for the button


specify same validationGroup such as ValidationGroup="Search" for both search Textbox and button. That should not fire DetailsView validations when left blank.

Thank you indeed I used causevalidation="false" to the button and it worked fine ,thank you again.


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