[RESOLVED] count down timer in asp.net

hi,,  i have one text box  and one button,

i have some question,,plzzz give me answers

when i enter 60 in text box,and press buttton,,it will save 60  as a seconds,and this 60 seconds should save in database (( i m using SQL SERVER 2008),

when user  view quiz page,this 60 second starts count down to zero ..,

and when second become 0 ,alert display on page...with some message......

and i want this all work in asp .net (visual C#)..plzz give me some ideas...or code...


@above ..its not a solution to help....plzz give me some good reference,afterall its a asp.net forum...

if you want something to be done in the client's browser when the timer reaches zero, I think you would do that with javascript(that is clientside).

you can take a look at the link below to see how it works:


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