[RESOLVED] Repeating same RDL file on same ReportViewer conrtol>>>URGENT>>>URGETNT

Hi All,

I am trying to display a rdl file multiple times on a single reportviewer control in asp.net.

Actually I have an rdl stub which displays monthly data and I want to repeat same rdl for each selected month.

Suppose If I select month January to March then I want to display 3 reports for each month on same reportviewer asp.net control.

I need this solution urgently. plz reply ASAP if you knows the solution.

An example will be highlyl appreciated.



Anyone plz

You can create the report viewer control dynamically and bind the data.

I want to use single reportviewer and to display multiple stubs month wise.

Can I use subreport for this purpose ?

If its possible then how can I programitically use subreport ?




Why do you required this apporach..

You somply group by your report data by month and year also add page breack with group by so you will get montly data in new page. So one month has more then 1 page data then it add new page but when new month comes again it starts with new page.


Hi Amit,

In my rdl file I have three DataSet, each dataset is getting data from a single table which is the requirement of the report. Currently months are stored in DBas 1,2,3,...12

I am new to SSRS reports development can you help me how I can group them in RDL and how to add page breaks.

One of my senario is that suppose if use selects From and To as Jan - March then there will be 4 reports, 3 for each month and 4th will be the summary of 3 months.

I will highly appreciate if you build a small example for me or some reference links.




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