[RESOLVED] How best to create a treeview

I currently am using ajax on my page to get data.  In this case it's a list of groups which may fall under a root group or another group.  I need to create a treeview whereby I can list all these groups and there is no limit to how far a group may be nested.  Therefore I want to ajax load sub items whenever a node is clicked because I don't want to cause a postback.

What is the best way to do this?  I have looked at other jQuery type treeviews which aren't helping and I was wondering whether putting an asp TreeView in an updatepanel might be better?  I am using Knockout so if it's something thats possible to do and put in a template then even better.


I think the best way would be using jQuery. asp TreeView sometimes is not compatible with updatePanel.

See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb386454.aspx

The following ASP.NET controls are not compatible with partial-page updates, and are therefore not designed to work inside an UpdatePanel control:

  • TreeView control under several conditions. One is when callbacks are enabled that are not part of an asynchronous postback. Another is when you set styles directly as control properties instead of implicitly styling the control by using a reference to CSS styles. Another is when the EnableClientScript property is false (the default is true). Another is if you change the value of theEnableClientScript property between asynchronous postbacks. For more information, see TreeView Web Server Control Overview.

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