[RESOLVED] Anyone use BING API 2.0 for site search

I'm looking at options for creating a site search for my institution's website. The "regular" BING site search however leaves some things to be desired: we're a non-profit, so the ads won't fly with us. I also want the results to appear on one of our Web pages ("scraped"), not as the pop-up/out window, and certainly prefer to use our own site's styling.

So I'm looking at the BING API 2.0 instead and wondering if I'llbe able to use it as described. Has anyone else here used it like this? Any tips, recommendations or sample code for me? I'm thinking of using the XML data return option, as I already have a number of scripts in place scraping XML to our pages.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Thanks for the link, Satish! Though I've already got that one tabbed in my browser.   :)

Was really curious though to see if anyone else here has actually used the API for search though...

I'm curious too. Has anyone tried using the API specifically for searching their own site? We've been using Google's site search for a while, but would really like to leverage the ability to use XML for the results without paying the hefty price tag that comes with site search.  

I'm using the Bing API with XML and it works beautifully. The only downside is that you have to wait for Bing to index new pages before they become available. 

Thanks for the reply. How long does it usually take them to re-index? Google site search seemingly catches new pages very quickly. How much volume do you get? 

Indexing was really slow when I first created my website. Now, my new pages are usually indexed within a day or two. You just have to make sure get some quality backlinks and regularly add new content. I get a lot more traffic from Bing than I thought I would, being that my website is mostly personal.

Is the only way to limit search results to your site by adding site:mysite.com to the query? 

It's the only way I know. You can add it to the code behind on your server so the user doesn't have to see it in the URL though. 

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