[RESOLVED] Read data from Active Excel worksheet using VSTO

Hi all, I am finding difficulty to read data from the active(i.e the current excel sheet that the user is using) Excel sheet using an Excel Addin in c#,ASP.net. Any help regarding this will be much appreciated. 

Thanks and Regards 


[RESOLVED] What is the best Integration WAY between JAVA AND .NET...


What is the best Integration WAY between JAVA AND .NET...?

Please suggest some answeres...?



probably by using some kind of java bridges on .net enviroment...like http://www.ikvm.net/



Thanks for talking about IKVM 

I have created a .jar File using Netbeans and then Converted that .jar File to .Dll using IKVM

After I converted to .dll I have referrenced that .dll file to my project BUt I can't recognise in the code behind file of C#.

Then I have converted .class of JAVA to .dll File and Referenced to the Project. Its recognised in the code behind file of C# and I can easily access the Methods from that .dll File. 

But When I try to execute the It giving me the following error

Error 1 The type 'java.lang.Object' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'IKVM.OpenJDK.Core, Version=7.1.4532.2, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=13235d27fcbfff58'. C:\Documents and Settings\Venkata.DAISTA\my documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\RunningJava\RunningJava\JavaCodeRunning.cs 20 21 RunningJava

Can Anybody give me suggestions to solve the Issue.

Thanks Venkat

[RESOLVED] How to create dynamic Checkboxes & tables using c# in .net

I am just stepped in to .net environment. so please help me.

my task is

1) when our page loads, automatically should generate a check box list using data in SQL server tabled data.
2) user will select some options from those checkbox list and clicks on submit button.
3) then we have to display a table dynamically which gives details of those selected names/options.

can any one give me example codes OR guidence about this task.
how to do this in Visual Studio 2012?? using c#..


check following link it may help you


let me knoe if any problem

[RESOLVED] Need to do paging in asp,net Gridview control

I did the pagging through  gridview properties :

AllowPaging =True;

and Use event to bind through data which will be displayed on next page :

 protected void gridSection_PageIndexChanging(object sender, GridViewPageEventArgs e)
            gridSection.PageIndex = e.NewPageIndex;
            gridSection.DataSource = dal.SectionLoad();


I had 20 records and considering this their will be 10 record in each page as I set PageSize =10  but It shows 123 pages and 3rd page is empty .Can I do any thing to resolve it ?

And also can I fix the height according to PageSize,that will be constant if number of record is less then 10 in page

Repli me and thanks in advance 

First thing first........check what data is returned by the database for ur query, i guess it's returning more then 20 records. Second run the solution in dubug mode check what is the content of your data table...! i'm sure you find solution for your multiple record problem.

This will help you


their is no multiple record but had a primary key entry without data in table which cause a third page .

Thanks alot for that and do I need to implement custome paging or that is enough  ?

Coz i dont have any idea :(

No need for custom paging......! are you using SQL JOINS in your query.....?

can you Post your grid view desig page code......? 

If you are fetching more than 500 records, then it is better to go for custom paging. Because with in-built page index every time u click on the page it will fetch all the records from your database which is time consuming