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[RESOLVED] scrollable text area


in create user wizard i need a scrollable text area for term of use

i use GlobalResources for difrent languages

can u please let me know what shuold i use for a text area that be scrollable and also work with resources text

i also need to give little format to that text inside of scrollable control

any information?


you can use a div to create a scrollable region on your page

<div style="height:400px; overflow-y:scroll;">

   put your content (or a Label control / Literal control) here.


Set the TextMode of the text box to the Multiline it will be an autoscroll textarea 

[RESOLVED] Redirect to default page - canonical problem


When I tested web site on SEO Tools in IIS7 I get this SEO Error:


The page contains multiple canonical formats.

The page with URL "" can also be accessed by using URL "".
Search engines identify unique pages by using URLs.  When a single page can be accessed by using any one of multiple URLs, a search engine assumes that there are multiple unique pages. Use a single URL to reference a page to prevent dilution of page relevance. You can prevent dilution by following a standard URL format.

Recommended action:

Pick a canonical URL format for your site and then ensure that all the links in your site follow that format. (For example, always use lowercase letters.) If an external link that points to your site does not use the canonical URL format, use permanent HTTP redirection to redirect site visitors and search engines to a canonical equivalent of that URL.


I tried to solve this by redirect page to a default.aspx. The problem is that HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.ToString(), always shows "". So I can't detect if url typed in browser is only or

I know that that can be solved in IIS7, but I can't access it to do that in hosting server.

Is any solution in ASP.NET to redirect to default page any time when in browser is typed only domain name?



Add the name of the page Default.aspx in the IIS Manager >> Your domain >> Default Document


If your site is running on IIS 7, you can use the Url re-write module to fix that.  It even has a rule wizard for working with canonical formats, so you should be up pretty quickly.

Check out this post.



[RESOLVED] Need help with asp wizard control, how to pass additional parameters into the next button

I have a step in the wizard process, where I have three different buttons that call the next step button.   I need to track which button was pressed.   How can I do this by adding CommandArgument="Button1", CommandArgument="Button2" to the asp:ImageButton markup?    How would I retrieve that in the NextButton Event Procedure?

<asp:ImageButton runat="server" ID="Button1" CommandArgument="Button1" CommandName="MoveNext" ImageUrl="../images/MyHealthCommunity/wellness/iLargeArrow.png" width="31" height="31" align="absmiddle"/>


protected void NextButton_Click(object sender, WizardNavigationEventArgs e)


Wizard wzd = (Wizard)sender;




Hi bb2j3z,

There are two ways to achieve what you want, not exactly the way you may like but the ways to achieve what you need.

1) You cannot determine which button fired the movenext event of the create user wizard control but you can use the WizardNavigationEventArgs to determine the currentstepindex, in turn it can be used to easily determine which button may have been pressed, I mean you definitely know which button is in which wizard step, don't you??.


2) You can handle the button's click event instead of supplying the commandname and handling the movenext event of the createuserwizard control. If you want to handle the events separately for different next buttons then you can easily determine which button fired the event. But if you want to handle the events using a single event handler then you can cast the sender object to the button type and determine it's command argument. And besides you can increase the wizard step by incrementing the ActiveStepIndex property of createuserwizard control in you next button click event as 

CreateUserWizard1.ActiveStepIndex += CreateUserWizard1.ActiveStepIndex;


Take a thorough look at these tutorials






[RESOLVED] Wizard-StepNavigationTemplate-OnClientClick

Hi I am using wizard, and I want to use for ie. for step3 to use OnClientClick and not for the other wizard steps.

I converted StepNavigationTemplate:

            <asp:Button ID="StepPreviousButton" runat="server" CausesValidation="False"
                CommandName="MovePrevious" Text="Previous"  />
            <asp:Button ID="StepNextButton" runat="server" CommandName="MoveNext" OnClientClick="testStep3();"
                Text="Next" />

but its run for all the steps, how do I make it run for specific step only?

Thank u

how do I onclientclick pass in the wizardstep id ? or value (3)? and then retrieve it in the testStep3() javascript function?

Hi MBack,

You can put a hidden contol into the StepNavigationTemplate.

The initial value of hiddencontrol is one.

When user click the next button, the hidden ctonrol value will increase by one.

Thus we can retrieve the hidden control value, we can jduge which step cause postback.