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[RESOLVED] Large text input in property Property grid editor part

In the propertygrideditorpart is there a way to have a textarea there, as in a multi lined textbox. I have a user control and on it there is a label that will be about a paragraph (4 - 8 lines) long and i want a user to be able to put their text into there.

I was wondering if there was a better way of doing this with web parts, all ideas are welcome.

I've found the answer, all you have to do is override the EditorPart Class, this means that you have to do a bit more coding but you get what you want :)



I have similar question.I want to render a cssclass to specific textboxes that appear on propertyeditorpart.

eg I want to display a JQuery Color Picker when color is the datatype.



I am using web parts and when i used propertyGridEditorPart in run time it does not appear although i am putting it in EditorZone and the page is in EditDisplayMode and i choose the Control which I want to Edit, Can Anybody Help me Please. I searched about this and I found that I should make the page in Share mode not in User mode but I did not work with me


See below discussions:


I used this but it only worked with BehaviorEditorPart and it didn't work with PropertyGridEdiorPart. I Do need to use PropertyGridEditorPart but it didn't appear in the page in the RunTime. Can you please help me and tell me what to do exactly

Better if you will refer to the following article below about PropertyGridEditorPart Class

I made everything but all in vain. I still have my problem. The PropertyGridEditorPart DOES NOT appear when I run the page. This is driving me crazy. Can anybody help me???????????

Actually I Find the EditorZone containing the following message

Modify the properties of the Web Part, then click OK or Apply to apply your changes.

 With no Textboxes or labels


I had the same problem. i think u need to create a custom webpart control which inherits from Webpart class and then u need to define atleast one property as [Personalizable] so that property will appear in your propertyGridEditorPart at runtime.. u can try this link for creating custom webpart control.


hope this works for u.. :)

hi u need to make that property [WebBrowsable] so that it will appear in propertyGridEditorPart.

If you post some code.It will be easy to find the problem.

[RESOLVED] Customize Webpart's PropertyGridEditorPart to use richtext box


i am creating a new website which can allow uesr to add/edit/organise content on pages using webparts.

I am done with using webparts for modules, area, zones.

Now i wish to have a richtextbox editor so that user can edit the contents of module added on zones.

It is to make the website have dynamic layout and content.

Thank You

In order to use the richtexteditor in 


have to customize the web-part to use your home made 


that will render the richtextboxeditor.

[RESOLVED] How to group properties within the PropertyGridEditorPart.

Is there any way or workaround for customizing the PropertyGridEditorPart.


As far as I know the PropertyGridEditorPart Web server control provides an editor that enables end users to edit custom properties on an associated WebPart control.


Is there any way or workaround for customizing the PropertyGridEditorPart.

Base on my understanding ,if you want to let the PropertyGridEditorPart generates a dropdown list of available properties settings for the user ,for my experience ,you can use personalization property based on an enumeration variable.

Snippet Code:

public enum Timeframe
protected Timeframe _Timeframe = Timeframe.Month;

 WebBrowsable, WebDisplayName("Select a news timeframe"),
 WebDescription("Use this property to set timeframe")]
public Timeframe Timeframe
    get { return _Timeframe; } set { _Timeframe = value; }

I would like to suggest you to check the link below for more information about how to personalize custom web parts.

Hope it can help you.

Thank's for your reply.


I have did this by making my own custom property grid  because it's not possible with the normal propertygrideditor.

[RESOLVED] Editing properties in a PropertyGridEditorPart

I have several properties listed in PropertyGridEditorPart of the EditorZone.

I want to hide some of the properties at run time depending on which WebPart is being edited.

How can access the individual properties so that I can hide them?

Your help would be much appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Hi Rogerwithnell,

The PropertyGridEditorPart provides a generic user interface (UI) that enables users to edit custom properties on WebPart and server controls placed in WebPartZoneBase zones. In contrast, the other EditorPart controls, such as the AppearanceEditorPart and BehaviorEditorPart controls, edit only existing, UI-oriented properties from the WebPart class.

Because the PropertyGridEditorPart control allows you to edit only custom properties, you will need the other EditorPart controls in the Web Parts control set to edit the appearance, layout, and behavior of WebPart controls. The other controls include the BehaviorEditorPart, the LayoutEditorPart, and the AppearanceEditorPart controls. These EditorPart controls should provide most editing features required to edit WebPart controls, but if necessary, you can also create a custom editor control by inheriting from the EditorPart class.


The PropertyGridEditorPart control provides an editing UI for properties that are marked in the source code with the WebBrowsable attribute (from the WebBrowsableAttribute class). When a property is marked with this attribute, a PropertyGridEditorPart control creates the editing UI based on the type of the property, and uses a PropertyDescriptor object if needed to convert the value in each editing control to the type of the property. You can also add other attributes that help the PropertyGridEditorPart control to display the editing UI. The WebDisplayName attribute (from the WebDisplayNameAttribute class) allows you to specify the text for the label that appears with each control in the editing UI. The WebDescription attribute (from the WebDescriptionAttribute class) allows you to specify a string that appears as a ToolTip for each control in the editing UI.

The controls created to edit properties of various types are listed in the following table.

<div class="caption" xmlns=""></div> <div class="tableSection" xmlns="">

Property type

Control created to edit the property



Int, Float, Unit





DropDownList (contains the list of enumerated values)




Please refer to :